The Best Fish and Chips in the World

by Candice Land
kalkys kalk bay fish and chips

The best fish and chips in the world are on our very doorstep in Cape Town. When the raging wind forced us to call off a much-anticipated adventure, we wanted a replacement that was nothing short of awesome.

Kalk Bay’s ‘Kalky’s fish and chips’ are rumored to be the best fish and chips in the world. We decided to go there and see what all the fuss is about.

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We worked up an appetite by fighting the wind to get to Ollie’s car and ventured off on our first mini road trip in the Jeep. Upon arriving in Kalk Bay, after stopping to absorb the beautiful view at regular intervals, we popped in to visit Ollie’s mum and sister. They joined us for a brief reprise of ginger cider and Striped Horse Lager before commencing our mission to the pier.

The wind was a lot calmer in Kalk Bay and we were wondering if perhaps we had made a mistake selling our tickets. A prompt message from the event organizers saying that the event was canceled quickly dulled that concern.

We could continue the adventure in peace – embracing all that Kalk Bay has to offer. From cheeky seals, colorful ships and excited fisherman – we saw it all. Saving the best for last – Kalkys fish and chips – the best in the world.

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