Can Candi Keep Her First Oyster Down?

by Candice Land
Stellie's Oyster and Bubbly Festival

We both love seafood – genuinely. There are just a few things that Candi can’t wrap her head around. One of them being the appeal of squishy salt that tastes like snot – otherwise known as oysters.

The Stellies Bubbly and Oyster Festival offered the perfect platform for Candi to try her very first oyster that was not sludged at the bottom of a shot glass. And they were HUGE!

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A weekend away to breath (and choke)

We made a full trip out of the event. We packed the car with countless belongings that we didn’t need and strapped the surfboards on the top of the car (which, as it turned out, we didn’t need either) and road tripped up to Gordon’s Bay for the night, planning to drive through to Stellies the next day.

The Stellies Bubbly and Oyster festival was great. We got given 6 tasting vouchers upon arrival and soon settled into the classy routine of sipping bubbly and slurping oysters. We laid our picnic blanket on the lawn and enjoyed the ambient live music.

Bubbly for days

We came across some really great bottles of bubbly. By the time we got to the 6th (generous) tasting, everything tasted good.

We decided to buy a case to take home. In the spirit of celebrating life, we plan to crack a bottle open for every 100 subscribers that we get on our YouTube channel. So, if you haven’t subscribed yet – you really should!

By the end of the afternoon, we decided that Laborie, which we discovered at the first stand, had the most lasting impression on us. Understandably.

So – could Candi keep her first oyster down? Yes.

Her second? Not so much.

Thank you to Vibescout for giving us the opportunity to push our boundaries and enjoy the very reason ‘Sunday Funday’ exists.

Music Credit:

  • Funkanizer – The Troublemaker

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