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by Candice Land
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We love going on date night. Purely because our date nights are always a surprise and outrageous. Struggling to think of date ideas for the next time you want to connect with your partner? Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box!

We celebrated our anniversary in Portugal and it was Ollie’s turn to plan the date. Our dates typically consist of three factors namely:

  • Firstly, the actual date is confirmed (the day)
  • The activity and location is top secret
  • No Googling is allowed

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In the past, our date nights have involved exciting activities, for example, the EFC Lightweight Championships at Grand West Casino, a Greek evening at Mykonos and a surprise theatre performance. This date was no different. I was given guidance on what to wear when to be ready and small hints such as “You will need to make a choice”.

Benfica vs. FC Porto

We just so happened to be in Lisbon for the big playoff between rivals Benfica and FC Porto. Ollie jumped at the opportunity to plan a date around the highly anticipated event.

When the time came to leave the flat, Ollie meandered through the streets, leading us to the stadium. I trotted behind him, throwing out far-fetched guesses about where we could be going and what we were going to do. After all, who wears a plain T and sneakers on date night?

It wasn’t long before we found ourselves sardined on a train in a sea of red clothing. It was around this time that it dawned – we were going to a football game.

After a brief explanation of who was playing, where each team was from and where they sat on the log; we were ready for a beer, a cheer, and a vibe.

It wasn’t long before we arrived at the stadium and jostled along with the masses. We bought a drink and a scarf and took the time to soak in our surroundings. Going to the stadium for a live football game was a first for me!

Glorioso SLB, Glorioso SLB!

Upon entering the stadium, we sat down and immediately got sucked into the festive spirit. It was unavoidable really. Crowds of red and white chanted from start to finish, cheering on the players with unrelenting energy. The atmosphere was contagiously festive and fed directly into our existing excitement.

In the end, Benfica won – which was great for us. As the crowds left the stadium after the game the chatter was enthusiastic and jovial. We grabbed some deliciously sloppy Prego rolls from the food trucks and rolled on home – happy, full and content.

Next time you plan a date night, try to add a little bit of adventure to the event. Keep the location a secret from your partner and drop hints leading up to the day or night. Look for fun activities happening in your local area and see if you can get involved in a different experience. Has your partner been wanting to try out a new hobby? Why not book a trial session together! Date nights have so much potential to be extra fun, you’ll be surprised by how much you can fall in love in the midst of adventure.

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