Extreme Table Mountain Hike/Climb – Cape Town Vlog

by Candice Land
india venster hike cape town hike

We are always up for an adrenaline-filled adventure! When we first heard about India Venster, one of the thrilling routes up Table Mountain, we decided that this was an extreme Table Mountain hike that we simply had to do.

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At the risk of getting lost, we thought we’d put our feelers out there and see if anyone else (more experienced) would be keen to join us. That’s when we were introduced to Henk Brand from The Secret Adventurer.

The weather played along perfectly – there was not a cloud in the sky and not a breath of wind. We woke up energized, chugged down a cup of coffee and snacked on a quick breakfast before meeting Henk and his wife, Suna, at the base of the cable car.

For those unfamiliar with Afrikaans, ‘venster’ is the Afrikaans word for ‘window’. The reason that the route is called ‘India Venster’ is because there is a window-shaped rock formation that overlooks a green patch of the mountain shaped like India.

The start of the climb

The route begins fairly passively from an adrenaline point of view. The climb is consistent and the path fairly obvious as it meanders up underneath the route of the cableway. Our first sighting of the ‘venster’ was quite exquisite. The rocks form a perfect frame to climb through and see a new view of the mountain and Cape Town city bowl.

Things get exciting

It was at this point that Ollie got his first wave of vertigo – introduced by sweaty hands and weaker legs. It was also at this point that Candi decided to push the limits of her fear and do a little dance on the ledge.  As a result, we caught some good footage!

We gathered ourselves and continued to climb over the ‘venster’ and continued up and around Table Mountain. The views got more beautiful, and the scrambling sections got more interesting. Eventually, as we reached a cave just before the Ollie realized that we had left the GoPro a couple of hundred meters back. He quickly turned into a mountain goat and bounced off to where we left it. Thank goodness it was still there.

The final stretch

The final part of the route was well-shaded and we realized just how chilly it can get on the mountain. The rewarding view from the top of Table Mountain can not be put into words – it is phenomenal. We took some time to acknowledge our route on an iron model of the mountain before enjoying the cable car ride back down.

In addition to exquisite views of Cape Town, hiking India Venster also exposed us to moments of short breath and an incredibly vibey morning. It was certainly an adventure that we would do again.

The Secret Adventurer

Thank you to The Secret Adventurer for joining us! You can follow them here:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thesecretadventurer/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheSecretAdventurer/
Website: https://secretadventurer.co.za/

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