Football Fan Stereotypes – Russia World Cup 2018

by Candice Land
World Cup Fan

Which football fan stereotype are you? The World Cup stadium is pulsing with fans – creating the perfect opportunity to highlight the hilarious football fan stereotypes. We’ve put together a compilation of our favorite stereotypes.

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‘Hot Chick’

She’s in every football game that you will ever watch. You will know this because the camera will keep sharing glimpses of her beauty with the big screen.

The heavy jollers

Which is South African slang for party animals. Typically the group is made up of ‘the lads’ and a lot of beer. These fans often leave us very entertained by their raucous antics, loud cheers and (often) dribbling facial expressions. Diego Maradona will go down in history as being one of the ‘heaviest jollers’ at the Russia 2018 Football World Cup.

Green street hooligans

As if the football stadium is not filled with enough testosterone, these guys areĀ always looking for a fight. If their team wins – they taunt the losers, and if their team loses – they pick brawls with the supporters of the winning team.

FOMO Fan (Fear of Missing Out)

Let’s face it – when there is hype over an event, almost everyone wants to know what is going on, even if you are clueless. Introducing the FOMO fan – the person who wants to be included in all of the excitement, knowledge, and chatter but, to be quite honest, doesn’t know the first thing about football. The fear of being excluded surpasses their lack of understanding and so onto the bandwagon they jump.

The Gambler

There is always that one fan who is willing to place money down on a predicted winner or score. These fans enjoy analyzing the odds, calculating their risks, and hoping for their estimated outcome. The results during this tournament have been completely unpredictable – leaving many fans either very happy or extremely disappointed.

The manager (or coach) blamer

God forbid that the conditions did not play ball (pun intended) or that the team performed badly – it’s the manager’s fault! These fans are the first to point fingers at the manager or coach when the team loses.


A football field is not the place to be naked but streakers will still risk the beating of a security guard in order to run across a field with their goods on show, attracting attention and wreaking havoc. We love them!

Emotional fan

Despite football being a game for supporters, some fans can not help getting emotionally attached. Their passion often leaks out of their eyes in the form of sobs when their team loses.

Crazy dress fan

Finally, you get the fans that dress to the nines. They wear outrageous outfits and create an incredible vibe.

Which football fan do you resonate with?

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