Investec Cape Town Art Fair – Art For Beginners

by Candice Land
Investec Art Fair

We recently attended the Investec Cape Town Art Fair. And loved it!

Being far from professional artists regarding skill or knowledge, we walked into the CTICC with completely open minds – and with our most sophisticated artsy outfits.

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Although both of us have a personal history in experimental creations, we are far from knowledgeable on art theory. In this capacity, we classify ourselves as amateurs. But if what they say is true – that art is to be interpreted and can speak to even those most devoid of creativity – then we had no doubt that we would walk away from Investec Art Fair enriched. And we did.

We decided beforehand that we would walk through the exhibitions, absorb everything, and then choose our top 5 (local) art pieces that we felt most drawn to. There were some artists that we were individually fond of but decided that our final list would be an agreed upon, common interest. Not such a difficult task as we spend half our time reading each other’s minds.

Our top 5 local artists (in no particular order)

Norman O’Flynn – WorldArt

Hailing from Cape Town, Norman O’Flynn works as a painter, sculptor, and all round constructor. Representing WorldArt, Norman’s deep understanding of the pop art tradition is reflected in his artwork. It expresses the modern day’s explosion of knowledge, stimulating images and speed of change. Underlying all his artwork is the threat of violence which paradoxically keeps us simultaneously engaged and disengaged. Both of us are fans of comics and pop culture icons. His work was therefore completely relatable, and the relevancy heightened.

Ruby Swinney

Ruby Swinney, having graduated from the Michaelis School of Fine Art, she is known for her artworks that are most often created in a monochromatic palette. Her red piece that caught our attention at Investec Art Fair was captivating. Much like her other work, it gave the feeling of stepping into a parallel world. There is a message of a vanishing natural world that is replaced by something darker and unfamiliar. We stood in awe in front of her red artwork, back-dropped on a red wall, completely absorbed by the alluring images.

Marlene Steyn

Living and working in Cape Town, Marlene Steyn is popular for her artwork that creates an immersive reaction. She uses popular motifs in contemporary culture to create uncanny motifs. We loved the way that her art created a continuous flow of imagery. Due to this continuous motion, we were kept fully engaged and mesmerized.

Lucinda Mudge

Lucinda Mudge has been creating pottery for 8 years. She is known for her dual representation as she contrasts dark colors with lighter imagery, or adding a hard-hitting comment to a delicate visual. We really enjoyed her unique style, bold colors, and stylish gold etchings.

Buhlebezwe Siwani

Buhlebezwe’s artwork has a weighted feminist undertone as she challenges the Xhosa traditions. The artwork that caught our eye focuses particularly on the emphasis on women having to be clean. The simple but poignant images kept drawing us back to reassess the impact.

Although we focused on our favorite local artists, a huge amount of credit must be given to really captivating and stunning displays from artists across the globe.

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