Lime Electric Scooter in Lisbon

by Candice Land
Lisbon bridge lime scooters

Lime-S Electric scooters launched in Lisbon during the first week of October, and we were one of the first groups of lucky people that got to experience the thrill of simply kicking and accelerating. Lime-S Electric scooters were incredibly fun and one of the best ways to view the coastal side of Lisbon city.

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We first noticed the presence of the Lime-S Electric Scooters on Slack at one of our co-working spaces. Someone pointed out that it “didn’t take long” for the scooters to be readily available. It was at this point that we realized that we lucky enough to witness the start of something new.

From then onwards, we noticed the bikes everywhere! And we mean everywhere! The weekend rolled around and we were choosing some fun activities to celebrate our two year anniversary. Both of our minds immediately went to the Lisbon promenade and the Lime-S Electronic Scooters. Ollie had been reading about them in San Francisco and couldn’t wait to try them out himself.

Lucky arrival

We got to our lunch spot in Cais de Sodre and were managed to grab two scooters. We downloaded the Lime app, unlocked the bike and kicked it into acceleration – quite literally. The bikes have an incredibly low carbon footprint and offer a wonderfully high level of fun. We traveled all along the promenade, stopping to take photos and take in the sites. It was such a fun way to explore Lisbon.

The ride along the coast was effortless!

Key points

Some important points you may want to know about the scooters:

  • They have a range in excess of 30 kilometers.
  • They can reach up to 24 km/h in speed.
  • The bikes operate off a 250-watt motor and has in-app battery monitoring.
  • They cost €1 to unlock and a further €0.15 per minute to ride.
  • The scooters are charged by both independent staff as well as Lime Juicers.

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