South Africa’s Next Biggest Festival

by Candice Land
bazique music festival cape town

Bazique’s reputation as South Africa’s next biggest festival far preceded its debut. Even with that being said, we could never have predicted the festival that blew our minds.

Imagine the best parts of AfrikaBurn combined with the fun fezziness of Rocking the Daisies. That is exactly what we walked into on Friday afternoon. We left work slightly early and battled the weekend traffic. It was well worth the road rage and snaking cars.

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Upon arrival at Bazique, we were immediately impressed with the stage set up and layout. At first, it seemed fairly spread out with 6 stages scattered across hacked up land (the Grabouw dam had recently donated millions of liters of water to alleviate the Cape Town drought).

But we soon realized that this spaciousness was a huge part of the appeal. It allowed for the opportunity to bump into fancily-clad strangers along the way to your favorite stage.

Friday night introduced us to a series of entertaining actors, a number of epic dance floors, delicious food, a pumping ‘casino’ and – our personal highlight – a highly entertaining show by DJ Invizable.

Never would we expect that the first night of the first time festival could be so outstanding.


Saturday continued to leave us smiling from ear to ear as we stomped away at the beach bar, waltzing between art constructs and listening to super groovy music.

The weather played ball apart from a little bit of wind, and the bar service was efficient without leaving us to dehydrate from boozy hydration.

We didn’t stay for the second night – but that was definitely not a reflection of the amount of fun we had.

Bazique – you were phenomenal!

Our vlog barely scratches the surface of entertainment. This is an event that you definitely have to attend in person.

Music credit:
*The Wrath of Nia – DJ M-TRAXXX
* Kwantum phyziks featuring Komputa General

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