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Cape Town,  Urban adventure


Everyone loves a little bit of ice cream – especially when it makes it into your mouth!

Local is lekker – ain’t no doubt about it! We attended the Sunday session of the Street Food Festival ZA 2018 in Cape Town, and indulged in the diverse delectables on offer in South Africa. One thing that we took away from the experience – South African local cuisine is top notch, and in the mood to get us chubby!

We were house sitting a friend’s house and gorgeous dog for the weekend, so had been fairly home bound for the weekend. This only increased our excitement and anticipation to taste the variety of goods on offer.

Street Food Festival ZA

Both of us are huge suckers for food. We believe that eating brings people together, and cooking provides an incredible opportunity to learn – just ask Ollie who has taught Candi almost everything that she knows in the kitchen. Being able to attend an event fully dedicated to being immersed in the food culture of our country was simply mouth watering.

We meandered through the stalls, trying testers where available, and asking questions about the dishes. Ollie settled on a Greek gyro, Candi on some Spanish croquetas, and both on an ice scream for desert.

It was really special to see how diverse the South African palate is.

For more than just your taste buds

While we only managed to attend the Sunday session, there was so much more on offer. The festival extended further than the food stalls, and into an educational movement. There were crate talks, where topical food discussions were had, and street walks that hopped between various bars and cafes in the city.

Next year, we hope to attend again and take full advantage of all that is on offer.

Stay in the know with Vibescout

Thanks to Vibescout  for organising us tickets to the event – you guys pulled through once again. You can follow them and stay up to date with all the trendy events on their Instagram and Facebook page.

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