Tech vs. House Music at CTEMF

by Candice Land
CTEMF electronic music festival

This past weekend we explored the industrial side of life with the annual Cape Town Electronic Music Festival (CTEMF). Ollie had a huge challenge on his hands – teach Candi about quality tech music. The timing was perfect as Vibescout delivered two tickets into our inbox for CTEMF – Cape Town’s annual Electronic Music Festival.

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Ollie has, in the past, introduced Candi to a variety of tech music and it has always been enjoyable. But give Candi a hip hop beat and an opportunity to (try) break it down – and tech does not stand a chance.

When the much-awaited CTEMF finally arrived, we thought it would be a great opportunity to enlighten Candi on the wonders of all things tech.

After a very festive pre-drinks, we walked into a captivating display of visuals and lighting. And whilst the music was good, it was not what we expected. The indoor stages were quite sparse with raging dark techno. This was even a little bit heavy for Ollie who typically enjoys a more progressive (and lighter) beat.

We only truly embraced the vibe when we found the outside (main) stage which was pumping house bangers. We had a really groovy time listening to DJ Lag roll out the house tracks. The crowd was having a great time and the mood was contagious.

Our conclusion of the event – and the musical challenge – was one that took us by surprise.

Thank you to Vibescout for the tickets:

Music Credit:
*Oliver Schories – I Could Original Mix Suara
*Distruction Boyz – Omunye ft Benny Maverick & Dladla Mshunqisi

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