The Top 3 Functional Training Gyms in Cape Town

by Candice Land
functional training gyms cape town

Cape Town is a vibrant city – these top three functional training gyms contribute to that glow! Exercise has an incredibly positive impact on your quality of life.

The glow of good health cannot be faked – and so it is important to find a community that allows you to work on yourself within an environment that is challenging, fun and keeps you going back for more. Here is our list of the top three functional training gyms in Cape Town.

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Number One – 360 Specialized Training

Firstly – 360 Specialized training comes in at number one. 360 has a soft spot in both of our hearts which has led to a hard abdomen (no kidding – this gym knows how to toughen you up). They offer a variety of classes such as warrior workout, boxfit, cardio blast, and kettlebell. The gym is based in Foreshore and owned by Chris Walsh. Our favorite thing about the gym is the diverse classes that are specialized in skill.

Instagram: @360_st
Facebook: @360SpecializedTraining
Website: 360 Specialized Training

Number Two – The Hype

We’ve had many fond memories of burning abs, sweaty foreheads and gangster rap at this upbeat gym. The Hype is based in Cape Town CBD and owned by Justin Radford whose energetic attitude makes you work harder than you thought you could. Our favorite thing about the hype is the heated boxing classes and the killer ab sessions.

Instagram: @thehypelifestyle
Facebook: @TheHypeCapetown
Website: The Hype

Number Three – FitStrong

Focused on an obstacle course and functional training, FitStrong services the Durbanville area. The gym is owned by two professionals in the field, Trevor and Paul Lagerwey, who don’t take quitting for an answer. They have recently expanded to include a Boxfit section – making their gym the perfect versatile training center. Our favorite thing about FitStrong is their outdoor obstacle course area.

Instagram: @fitstrongsa
Facebook: @FitstrongSA
Website: FitStrong

These are our favorite places to train. Let us know if you have any favorite spots!

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