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Ok fine, a scooter gang.

It was another near-perfect day in Cape Town. After waking ourselves up with a dip in the icy waters of the Atlantic ocean, we squaded up with our wind-resistant jackets and bandannas.

Ollie has had a scooter for a while now. Since, we have created many fond memories on the back of the zooty vehicle. In fact, we even did a vlog dedicated to a DIY surfboard racks project. However one thing that we have been meaning to do, but never quite got around to it, is going on a proper scooter mission.

When one of our friends, Kimmy, mentioned that her dad was in town and that they were going on a scooter ride – we jumped at the chance of inviting ourselves. Because it was an afternoon adventure, we used the morning to have a fresh dip in the icy waters of the Atlantic. Feeling pumped and ready to go, we zipped up our jackets and tightened our helmets. Things were about to get wild. We had started a biker gang.

Biker gang – assemble!

We started off in the stunning area of Camps Bay. After stopping for a quick petrol refill, we took our time to travel the coast. The clouds were rolling in heavy and white as we criss-crossed with one another, swapping the position of leader.

The wind was in our hair and fresh air in our lungs. It would have taken heavy machinery to wipe the smiles off of our faces. We stopped along the way to absorb it all in, take photos and create the general atmosphere of being a biker squad – scooters had never looked quite so hardcore!

Lunch on the beach

Dunes restaurant in Hout Bay was our final destination. The sun popped out to match the cheery nature of our hearts, and we toasted to a wonderful afternoon. We have no idea why it took us so long to embark on this adventure – but we definitely won’t leave it this long again.

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