Young, in Love and in Paradise

by Candice Land
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All we need is each other, the summer sun, and a sewing kit on hand. Every now and then you just need to step back, look at where you at, and just feel completely overwhelmed with gratitude. With cameras charged and a delicious summer day ahead of us, we headed off on an adventure.

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Young, in love and in paradise

This past weekend we woke up with a zest for life that coursed through your veins and influenced our decisions. Ollie had been in Joburg the whole week so we spent Friday night laying low, catching up with friends, and listening to some live music. A nightcap of whiskey on our balcony finished the evening off on a level of perfection.

We put the cameras on charge overnight and promised each other that we were going to focus on capturing the beauty of our everyday. We had no script. No intention. And no motive. Only to enjoy.

Wakey-wakey surf the break-ey

And boy did the weather play along! Unfortunately (for us) and fortunately (for your entertainment) the waves did not! The sun scattered its rays all around – illuminating the iconic Table Mountain, warming the sand of Glen Beach and bronzing our zinc-covered skin.

We decided to take the minimal out for a goof because the waves were tiny. Their small size was highly deceptive. The ocean played a lovely trick on us and sent dumpers our way. For some of us who are significantly less experienced in reading how the wave is going to break – this resulted in a nose leaking salt water for the rest of the day.

Was it worth it? 100%

Road trip

We got home and split up to prep for a road trip to Montagu for Paradise Springs. Our squad had been there since the day before and so we were anticipating to arrive into a bit of a nightmare. With picnic stuff and beverages in tow, we jumped in the Jeep and sang our way to Montagu. Ollie’s fezzy top and Candi’s bikini created quite a loved up atmosphere which was only boosted by the stunning surroundings.

We made a quick pit stop to pee behind a tree, set off the drone and skip on some train tracks. You know, normal road trip shenanigans. Refueled with a picnic lunch, we took off for the last stretch.  We were itching to get our bodies in the pool, moving to the music.

Paradise Springs

What waited for us was absolute carnage – in the most festive way possible. Nothing that a quick drink at the bar and our animated friends couldn’t fix. Paradise Springs truly was spectacular.

You probably expect our highlight to be the unexpected presence of Fisher behind the DJ deck, or the pee-warm pool (they are hot springs after all). But no. Our highlights were pretending to be foreigners by speaking Spanish to a  group of strangers whose flat we waltzed into, catching up with our friends by the poolside, sleeping in the car and (although Ollie won’t admit it) going on a rescue mission to find the key that Candi didn’t lose.

One for the books

The next morning, the air was the only thing that was fresh. But we embraced the views offered on the way home, having discovered new-found gratitude for each other’s company. Our hearts were soaring, and we got it all on camera!

We are young, (unashamedly) in love, and living in absolute paradise!

Music credit:
* TRINIX – No Sleep
* Sink Deep (Club Mix) – Kyle Watson & Popartlive

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