The Island for Remote Workers – Digital Nomad Village

by Oliver Boyers
remote workers island

A village on a beautiful island, dedicated to remote workers and digital nomads. Yes, you read that correctly!
The digital nomad friendly country of Portugal is making its shores even more attractive for remote workers by setting up a village dedicated to hosting fellow nomads.

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Where Is the Digital Nomad Village?

The digital nomad village is planned to be established on the island of Madeira, Portugal. We have seen a few digital nomad communities popping up here and there. However, this one, with its government backing and existing attractive laws for property investment golden visas and residency permits, has got our attention.

When Is the Digital Nomad Village Opening?

The village of Ponta do Sol on the island of Madeira will be open to remote workers and digital nomads from the 1st of February 2021. The first phase of the program will run until the 30th of June  2021.

What Is So Special About This Remote Worker’s Village?

Many digital nomads often feel alone in their travels around the world. They struggle to find a community of like-minded people which they can share ideas and connect. This remote worker village hopes to solve some of those problems by attracting nomads from all over the world and to create a community that shares the same values.

The organizer of the village, Gonçalo Hall, plans to host a number of events for nomads that make it to the island and establish Madeira as a hub for remote workers and digital nomads.

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What Do I Get For Free At the Digital Nomad Village?

All visitors to the digital nomad village will get free access to a coworking space with a desk and chair. This includes free internet access from 8 am to 10 pm daily. All the events organized by the digital nomad village will also be free of charge.

How Many People Can the Village Host?

Initially, the project can host 100 remote workers. They must agree to remain on the island for a minimum of one month. The organizers of the village have also partnered with hotels, car rental companies, and other local businesses to help the nomads get whatever services they require.

Madeira is already a very attractive island that needs no real reason to visit other than it’s 12/10 good looks. However,  with this cherry on the top, it looks like we are Madeira bound soon.

Read more on the Digital Nomad Villages organiser’s website here.

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