Where to Surf in June: 9 Spots for Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

by Candice Land
world map of where to surf in june

For us, the ocean has a pull unlike any other force of nature. The opportunity to surf is a large motivating factor when we choose which destination to work and live in. There’s little as disappointing as picking a city because of its swell – and then you arrive at the wrong time of year.

With this in mind, we’re compiling a series on the most consistent surf in the world according to each month of the year.

There’s no better gift for a surfer than to have amazing swell on a daily basis. Here’s our guide on where to surf in June so that you can shred as much as you want.

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Surfing Accessory Checklist

Contrary to popular belief, the best waves in the world are not always going to be found on long stretches of sand and tropical waters. Sometimes there will be sharp reefs, cold water, and scorching sun.

You may find that several of these items are needed if you want to enjoy long hours in the water.

There will be other gadgets and accessories that you need which may vary depending on the destination. For example, your surf wax will differ depending on the water temperature.

Read the best wax for surfboards here.

Best Waves in Africa in June

The southern region of Africa experiences winter in June. With it comes incredible swell. In particular, South Africa and Namibia have awesome waves in the middle of the year.

1. Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

Located in the middle of the South African coast, Jeffreys Bay is a small, surf-centric town full of people with sun-bleached hair and amusing neck tan lines. The water is a pleasant 20°C but a wetsuit is recommended for longer sessions. There are a variety of waves to surf including a legendary right-hand point break.

jeffreys bay

Jeffreys Bay is home to arguably the best leg of the World Surf League – and for good reason. There is a big surfing culture in the town and plenty of surf schools and surf camps to choose from.

Book an 8-day all level surf camp in Jeffreys Bay here.

The town is set up to accommodate travelers who love to surf and there is no shortage of options for backpackers and Airbnbs with easy access to the beaches.

Browse Airbnbs in Jeffreys Bay here.

2. Skeleton Bay, Namibia

Skeleton Bay is not for the faint-hearted. The left-hand break is one of the longest in the world, with surfers achieving up to 8 barrels on a single wave. Talk about a swell magnet! The soft sand extends from the beach into the desert beyond and makes for an epic adventure overall. But it doesn’t work all year round, and if you get to enjoy a ride then you can count yourself lucky.

skeleton bay surf

The waves are quick and not as easy to navigate. The surf spot is not beginner-friendly and so there are no real surf schools along the coast. However, there are several organized tours where you can meet fellow shredders.

The surf spots are on a remote beach and it is best advised to go with people who know the ropes. For the same reason, there aren’t beach shacks and surf camps to book into. Instead, you’ll have to browse for accommodation along Skeleton Coast.

Summer Surf in Europe

While Europe may be best known for its fine wine, romantic history, and seductive accents, there are a few great surf spots that work particularly well in June.

3. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is often overlooked as a surfing destination but Carcavelos, a beginner-friendly beach, is a short 20-minute drive from the center. The beach’s shore is scattered with spots to rent boards, enjoy a drink post-surf and laze in the sun.

surf in carcavelos

June is the summer season in Portugal and the beaches are frequented by foreigners and locals alike. As the break is gentle enough for beginners, there are several surf schools and camps available.

Book an 8-day surf camp in Carcavelos here.

When looking for places to stay, you can pick between easy access to the beach or easy access to the city center. Both are convenient and offer a unique experience.

Browse Airbnbs in Carcavelos, Portugal here.

4. Hossegor, France

Hossegor is a diverse surf spot in the southwest of France. In the summer, the waves are manageable for beginners while the winter swell is a bit more intense with quick barrels. Regardless of when you visit, Hossegor is one of the most consistent waves in Europe, and not as intimidating in June.

surf in hossegor franceAs there are different areas for different skill levels, there is a choice of surf camps and schools. They offer a great opportunity to get acquainted with the French culture while enjoying the summer waters.

Book a surf camp and immersive French cultural experience here.

If you want to experience Hossegor on your own and pick your own accommodation, then you won’t be short of options.

Begin browsing for Airbnbs in Hossegor here.

Surfing in North America in June

When you think of surfing in North America, you probably think of California and Hawaii. But there are several other epic spots – especially in June.

Read more about our time at the beaches in Oaxaca, Mexico here.

5. South Coast, Barbados

South Coast, Barbados, has something for everyone and a special treat for surfers at an intermediate level. There are left point breaks, right reef breaks, and left reef breaks – all of which have been described as being close to perfect.

south coast barbados surf

The water is warm and the mood is relaxed, making Barbados a great choice for a surfing holiday. Once you arrive, you can skip down to the closest break with your board, or ask one of the local surf schools for guidance.

Barbados is the type of destination that you’d want to come home to a private space and decompress (before heading out to the water once again). There are several Airbnb and accommodation options that give you this opportunity.

Browse Airbnbs in Barbados here.

Best Surf Spot in South America in June

South America is a personal favorite of mine, with some of my best surfing moments being hosted in the tropical waters.

6. León, Nicaragua

In June, León boasts some of the best waves for surfers who have recently been hooked by the sport. The swell is perfect for beginners who are looking to steadily advance through practice and without the limitation of wearing a wetsuit. Just make sure to keep an eye on the tides for the best experience.

leon nicaragua surf

Nicaragua, as a whole, is a popular surf spot with plenty of surf schools and camps to make the trip effortless. The rustic environment adds a relaxing mood and you’re certain to feel the perfect combination of zen and stoked.

Book a 6-day surf camp in León here.

Read here for more surf camps in Nicaragua.

Staying at a surf camp is an awesome way to soak up the experience. But there are also other options if you prefer privacy and more freedom.

Browse Airbnbs in León here.

June Surfing in Australia

You’ll never be disappointed if you head Down Under for a surfing holiday. But where to go in June?

7. Byron Bay, Australia

June offers consistent surf in Byron Bay, Australia. The winds play ball and tend to blow offshore, making for a perfectly peaked wave. Depending on which beach you visit, you’ll have your craving for waves met – no matter what your level. Byron Bay caters for beginners to advanced.

byron bay surfingAs the spot is popular among novices and pros alike, there are options of surf schools, camps, and rental shops throughout the area. Just pick which one best suits your needs and you’re good to go.

Book a 5-day surf and stay holiday in Byron Bay here. 

Byron Bay is a popular spot for travelers, yet June is off-peak tourist season which means that you can get some epic deals on places to stay.

Browse Byron Bay Airbnbs here.

Asia Surf Spots in June

Asia is home to some of the best surf destinations all year round, and June is no exception. These are just a few of the legendary spots.

8. Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

June is the middle of the dry season for the Mentawai Islands and promises tall peaks and fast rides for advanced surfers. The challenging ride is best suited for those that are comfortable in the water, with the sweet reward of endless barrels and steep drops.

mentawai islandsAs the Mentawai area is made up of several islands, you can enjoy different types of breaks depending on where you are, including reef and beach breaks. One of the best ways to experience the area is with a surfing tour or liveaboard surf charter – you won’t be sorry!

Book a 13-day private liveaboard surf charter in the Mentawai Islands here.

 While we definitely recommend the liveaboard experiences in the Mentawai Islands, there are also options to stay on land.

Begin browsing Airbnbs in the Mentawai Islands here.

9. Bali, Indonesia

The incredible surf in Bali is one of the reasons that the destination is our dream spot to work and live. There are several spots around the island that range in difficulty and surf type so there’s something for everyone – beginner, advanced, reef break, point break…

surf bali in juneBali has rapidly risen to be one of the most iconic surf destinations in the world. With this in mind, there’s no shortage of surf schools, camps, and rental spots.

Read more about one of Bali’s best surf camps here.

We chose to stay in our own accommodation – of which there is a very wide choice of options. Whether you want a private villa, a convenient beach house, or a communal spot to kickback.

Browse Airbnbs in Bali here.


Where’s your favorite spot to surf in June? This list hopes to get you started but is by no means exhaustive. We’d love to hear about your surfing adventures around the world – and perhaps even plan a trip based on your tips!

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