5 Best Portable Keyboards for Travel: A Guide for Digital Nomads

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The digital nomad journey doesn’t only involve cutting ties with current employers, and freeing yourself up geographically, but also setting yourself up from an equipment front. Portable keyboards are one of the most valuable laptop gadgets that you’ll come to love. 

As you invest in your digital nomad gear, you’ll find new and convenient ways to make your workstation more ergonomic and convenient. The trick is to find the balance between having everything that you need while maintaining a minimalist lifestyle. 

Portable keyboards are a fantastic gift for the digital nomad in your life. Browse more digital nomad gifts here.

Portable Bluetooth keyboards can be a huge asset for improving productivity while on the road. Here’s our guide on some of the best keyboards available today.

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Benefits of Portable Laptop Keyboard

Perhaps you’re happy with your current laptop setup and wondering why you need to spend money on another gadget. There are several benefits of using a compact, wireless keyboard, especially if you use a laptop stand. 

Here are a few of the benefits to consider.

  • Portable keyboards are versatile and available to meet various requirements
  • Less clutter with no extra cables
  • A fantastic alternative if your current keypad is faulty, but the rest of the laptop is in good condition
  • Ergonomic value as it helps to protect your wrists when using a laptop stand
  • Helps to keep the screen at a distance to avoid eye fatigue
  • Reduce typing errors when investing in a keyboard with larger buttons

A portable monitor is one of our highly recommended laptop accessories. Read more about laptop accessories and essentials here.

Best Portable Computer Keyboards for Travel

The best portable, Bluetooth keyboard for you will depend on your needs and requirements. Here are five fantastic, highly recommended keyboards that are perfect for the traveling nomad. 

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Best Full-Size Bluetooth Keyboard

The WisFox wireless keyboard is a full-size keyboard that is perfect for travel. The standard layout includes a number pad with three LED indicator lights to let you know the status of the keyboard. 

The keyboard is easy to set up and offers a stable connection, simply insert the USB receiver into the laptop and you’re set to go. The automatic sleep model and silent processing is the perfect companion on the road to help enhance productivity. 

Benefits of WisFox’s Full-Size Portable Laptop

There are a few key factors that set the WisFox wireless keyboard apart from competitors. 

  • Ultra-slim and compact
  • Silent ergonomic design
  • Number pad included

Buy the full-size WisFox Bluetooth keyboard here.

Best Mini Keyboard (Small and Compact)

While a larger, full-size keyboard is great to churn out a few productive hours, sometimes a small keyboard is needed. The wireless, Bluetooth keyboard is ergonomic, lightweight, and compact, taking up very little space in your laptop bag and on the desk. 

The TECKNET keyboard is incredibly easy to plug into your laptop and is super quiet when typing (so that you’re not frustrating fellow nomads). With ultra-low power consumption, the keyboard also boasts an auto-sleep function and energy-saving technology.

Benefits of a Small TECKNET Keyboard

Are you wondering why you should buy the TECKNET ultra-slim keyboard, here are a few main benefits to consider. 

  • Small and simple in design
  • Six-month battery life (so no charge needed)
  • Compatible with several systems 

Buy the small, TECKNET wireless keyboard here.

Foldable Wireless Keyboard

Laptops can be clunky and difficult to carry around or squeeze into a bag. The Samsers foldable Bluetooth keyboard is the perfect solution for IOS, Android, and Windows devices. Running off of batteries, the ultra-thin keyboard is easy to carry in your backpack – or even your pocket!

The free stand that comes with the laptop makes it easy and convenient to set up a working space whenever you need it. As an added bonus, the keyboard has a magnetic closure attribute that prevents accidental opening during storage or transportation. 

Benefits of Samsers Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

The Samsers foldable Bluetooth keyboard is especially useful in certain circumstances, offering the following benefits in particular. 

  • It comes with a free phone holder to help you connect anywhere, whenever is needed
  • Elegant and wear-resistant contemporary design
  • Compatible with smaller devices, such as tablets and smartphones

Buy your foldable Wireless Keyboard.

Portable Mechanical Keyboard For Gaming

Certain hobbies don’t stop when you hit the road and travel as a digital nomad. Whenever we arrive in a new city, we always look for the closest surf spot, a convenient MMA gym, and set up our workspace – including a cozy corner for Ollie to play DOTA. 

The PICTEK mechanical keyboard is portable and compact, allowing you to get lost in the virtual world without the extra baggage. The keyboard offers wide compatibility and a stable connection. 

Benefits of PICTEK

If you’re a gaming nomad, like Ollie, then this PICTEK gaming keyboard offers unique benefits.

  • A choice of eight funky backlight color options
  • Spill-resistant in case of unexpected spillage
  • Small in size, but fully equipped in functionality

Buy a PICTEK mechanical keyboard here.

Apple Magic Keyboard

If you’re an Apple fan and work with an Apple setup, then it makes sense to invest in the Apple Magic keyboard. It’s worth the investment, with the slick design and compact design that is perfect for the Mac-based nomad. 

The keyboard pairs quickly and has a stable scissor mechanism beneath each key, optimizing the comfort and precision of typing. 

Benefits of Apple Keyboard

There are a few unique benefits of the Logitech keyboard, for example; 

  • Wireless and rechargeable 
  • Quick and easy setup with a Mac
  • Incredible portability potential

Buy the Apple keyboard here.

Browse Other Laptop Essentials for Digital Nomads

Do you use a portable laptop? If you have any other recommendations to add to the list, then we’d love to hear from you! 

In the meantime, you can read more about useful laptop essentials and gadgets that can help to improve the productivity of a digital nomad. 

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