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    Five Tips for Staying Fit While Traveling

    Whether you are on vacation or living as a digital nomad, traveling can easily disrupt a routine. This affects all aspects of daily living including eating habits, sleeping and staying fit! For us, being active is part of our lifestyle. When we are in Cape Town, we are constantly in the water surfing, hiking the beautiful Lion’s Head, running on the Seapoint Promenade or sparring at the Armory. Although traveling can give you an incredible high, it can also take away the routine release of endorphins. The good news is that there are several ways of staying fit when traveling! So, whether you are on a mission to lose weight…

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    Dating and Religion – Hiking Christ the Redeemer

    Controversial content alert! We’ve been in Brazil for over a month now and have slowly worked our way through our list of activities, ticking off main attractions in Rio de Janeiro. When the day came to visit Christ the Redeemer, we joked about how it will be the first time I was going to take Ollie to see Jesus. Funny at the time (and still is) but there is a far more serious underlying truth to the joke. We’ve been wanting to share about one of our biggest struggles as a couple for some time now – that being our different belief systems. People tell you to avoid putting the…

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    Prepare to be Digital Nomads with Four Important Steps

    ‘Digital Nomad’ has become quite a buzz word among those with a thirst for adventure and itchy feet. It’s been on our list of aspirations for some time now and those who have been following our journey will remember our blog on preparing to work and travel. Since then, we’ve taken the necessary steps to cut ourselves loose from the corporate world on a full-time basis. To help those of you thinking about taking the plunge, we’ve put together a list of four vital steps to help prepare to be digital nomads. What is a digital nomad With an increasing number of people valuing their time and lifestyle, digital nomadism…

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    Date Ideas | FC Porto vs. Benfica

    We love going on date night. Purely because our date nights are always a surprise and outrageous. Struggling to think of date ideas for the next time you want to connect with your partner? Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box! We celebrated our anniversary in Portugal and it was Ollie’s turn to plan the date. Our dates typically consist of three factors namely: Firstly, the actual date is confirmed (the day) The activity and location is top secret No Googling is allowed In the past, our date nights have involved exciting activities, for example the EFC Lightweight Championships at Grand West Casino, a Greek evening at Mykonos…

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    A Guide to Surfing in Sagres

    The rumours you’ve heard about surfing in Sagres are true – it’s epic! Our lust for the ocean was strong after a week of not surfing and anticipation for what the famed Sagres had to offer was high. It did not let us down! We left Lisbon and ventured down to Sagres in the Algarve for a week, exploring and surfing the local spots. When we arrived we went straight to the first surf shop that we found (of which there were many). The owner of Sagres Bicycle and Company was very helpful and selected the perfect board for each of us. The two boards cost us an affordable €120…

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    Mauritius Outside the Resort

    We’ve all seen pictures of holiday-goers and honeymooners wallowing in cascading pools of water, sipping cocktails and gently observing the view of clear blue ocean. These snapshots of the resorts in Mauritius set the bar of beauty incredibly high. We recently visited Mauritius for a week and stayed with Ollie’s folks up on the side of Tourelle du Tamarin. Living outside of the resort, we got to experience the true flavours of Mauritius and all her glory.

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    Lime Electric Scooter in Lisbon

    Lime-S Electric scooters launched in Lisbon during the first week of October… …and we were one of the first groups of lucky people that got to experience the thrill of simply kicking and accelerating. Lime-S Electric scooters were incredible fun and one of the best ways to view the coastal side of Lisbon city.

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    Explore Dubai Under $20 – Dubai Layover

    We got to discover Dubai under $20 On our way to Lisbon, we had a six hour layover in Dubai and used the opportunity to explore the incredible city of Dubai. Although we were on a tight budget, we managed to see and do a lot – all under $20!

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    Cape Town

    10 Years of Rocking the Daisies | Headline Acts and Ticket Prices

    Rocking the Daisies survived 2018! While we have had many great memories at Rocking the Daisies over the years, this year we were in Lisbon and didn’t attend (that’s not the only reason). But this didn’t stop us from reflecting on the mayhem that was happening in Cape Town as people were refused the opportunity to bring alcohol into the festival, and were charged for camping. It got us thinking on the past 10 years of Rocking the Daisies – regarding what headline acts were, and what the ticket prices were during phase 1.

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    Preparing to Work and Travel | How to Become a Digital Nomad

    Preparing to work and travel as you become a digital nomad Many industries in the world are moving towards a trend of working remotely. This means that employees (and freelancers) work out of the office, whether at home or in another country. The term ‘ digital nomads’ has been dubbed for those adventurous souls lucky enough to make a living via telecommunications and technology, massively boosting their ability to work in foreign locations. So how does one become a digital nomad?