Nomad Travel Tools – A Comparative City Guide

by Oliver Boyers
Nomad travel tools landing page

I’ve been working on a project called Nomad Travel Tools during our lengthy Corona Virus lockdown that allows travelers and digital nomads to discover, compare, and chat about over 9000 cities.  It gives users a dashboard overview of comparative data for two cities of their choice. With this information in hand, it makes deciding the next travel destination on the list.

What is Nomad Travel Tools?

As someone who travels regularly as a digital nomad, picking the next destination is an exciting activity. But before I decide to go anywhere, I need to research a few things such as:

? – Can I afford it?
⚡ – Is the internet fast enough?
? – Do my work hours overlap the 2 different timezones?
? – What are other people saying about my potential destination?

So, I created a web app that answers these questions and compares ?  the answers to your home city (or any other city). This helps you understand each destination better – because not everyone thinks in dollars ?.

Comparative Data

Whether you’re traveling for work or for holiday, there are a few considerations to keep in front of mind. Nomad Travel Tools presents this data in an easy-to-read way, allowing you to compare key elements of two destinations.

You can expect to find;

  • Time zones (and live times)
  • Internet speeds
  • Cost of living
  • Currency converter
  • Guide to planning working hours
  • Weather
  • Community chat

nomad travel tools comparative data

Community is Key

The community chat section is a very valuable part of the app. While data is very useful in deciding where to visit, there’s nothing that can quite compare to the intricacies and nuances specific to a place that is shared by the community.

So, my users have the option to post ✍️, chat ?, and upvote ?️ relevant things contributed by the community. This way, you have access to hidden gems, top tips, and other golden nuggets that can only be shared through experience.

chat on nomad travel tools

Get Involved

One of the best parts of the experience is that it’s free to create a profile on Nomad Travel Tools. This means that you can start exploring ?️  and sharing without paying a cent! Feel free to add your feedback about features that you’d like to see, fill in missing data, or request a missing city!

If you have any top tips to share, then you can give love to the community too.

I hope it helps your future travels! ??️

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