Covid Travel Planner: For Information on Travel Requirements

by Oliver Boyers
covid travel planner

With the whole world in various stages of lockdown, it has become increasingly difficult to figure out whether or not we can travel or what the requirements are for the destination. We are in the process of trying to get back to Bali but were unsure of the travel restrictions in Indonesia. So, started looking for a covid travel planner.

What Are the Covid Requirements for Travel?

Before traveling these days, one should ask themselves a few questions:

  1. Is the country open to visitors?
  2. Do you need a PCR test?
  3. Do you need an antigen test?
  4. If so, how many days before you travel do you need the test?

Thankfully our friends over a have simplified the process of getting all this information. Simply enter your passport nationality, your point of departure, and where you want to go, and boom, you will have the answers to all of the above questions.

can I travel dashboard is a tech startup created by three friends who hope to solve all the problems that Covid has presented whilst travel planning. Their web app gives travelers up to date travel restriction data, Covid data for each country, and much more.

Set Up Travel Alerts

In this new age of Covid, countries are changing their rules and regulations almost daily which makes it difficult to keep up with the changes. can help you if you are planning a trip in the future by allowing you to set up travel alerts for yourself so that you receive any new travel information as it comes out for the countries you are traveling between.

One of the aspects of travel that people do not expect these days is the quarantine regulations that you need to follow when entering a new country. Be sure the check out the requirements section on for all quarantine regulations.

We were able to get all the travel information that we required whilst setting up our trip to Bali to make sure that we didn’t get stuck in a foreign country without having all the necessary covid tests and documentation.

Thanks for that awesome app guys and keep up the great work!

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