New Cape Town Digital Nomad Visa Proposed

by Oliver Boyers
cape town at sunset

Cape Town Tourism in the Western Cape of South Africa has proposed a new digital nomad visa. This is in a bid to attract remote workers to the shores of South Africa by making longer stays in the country more accessible to international visas.

More Corona, More Nomads

With the rise of the Corona Virus, there has been an explosion in the number of people who are now able to work remotely. With their newfound freedom, these digital nomads are now looking for beautiful places to live and work and Cape Town is very high up on that list.

Economic Impact

Digital Nomads that stay for long periods of time in one place can contribute significantly to the tourism income of the country. The introduction of a digital nomad visa would ensure that visitors to Cape Town would fairly contribute to their consumption of public resources.

Cape Town is ranked as the 3rd best city in the world for digital nomads by Nomad Tavel Tools, a website for digital nomads and remote workers. James Vos, Cape Town’s mayoral committee member for economic opportunities, believes that the City of Cape Town is a prime destination for both international and domestic digital nomads. He believes that attracting this type of traveler can be economically beneficial for South Africa.

Why are Digital Nomads Choosing Cape Town

Cape Town’s wealth of outdoor activities, urban living, fast internet access, and low cost of living are some of the driving factors that are ranking Cape Town as a hotspot for digital nomads and remote workers.

Read our guide on working in Cape Town as a digital nomad.

2021 and beyond are going to give rise to far more remote workers than the world anticipates. Preparing the countries tourism sector to accommodate these travelers is an important step in breathing life back into the South African tourism sector.

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