DIY Surfboard Racks for Your Scooter

by Candice Land
DIY surfboard scooter racks

Don’t let the traffic be the barrier between your heart and the ocean. Although summer has only just started, we’ve already discovered that going on scooter adventures is one of our favorite seasonal activities.

Our mutual love for the ocean has resulted in the final “road trip” destination most often being the beach. But skipping the traffic to the sea is only fully gratifying when you have a board to surf the waves at the end, and riding on a scooter decreases the chances of this happening massively.

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We decided to tackle this problem with a budget solution and dedicated this past weekend to a DIY project that cost us less than 200 bucks but afforded us a summer of scooter surfing missions. If you want to know how to make your own surfboard racks for your scooter, this is the video to watch.

Surfboard art | @maakboards

Music | Muzi – Zenzile :

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