DIY Motorcycle Surfboard Rack: Equipment & Method

by Candice Land
DIY surfboard scooter racks

Don’t let the traffic be the barrier between your heart and the ocean. Depending on where you live, surfing can be enjoyed every day throughout the year – unless there’s a crazy amount of traffic. Putting surfboard racks on your scooter is the gift that keeps on giving, allowing you to zip to the closest beach in a fraction of the time. Here’s our guide to building your DIY scooter surfboard racks.

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Pre-Built Surfboard Racks for Scooters

There are several ready-made surfboard racks for sale that can be applied to your motorcycle. If you prefer the convenience of a pre-built surfboard rack and have the money to spend, then this is a great option.

When picking your rack, consider the following attributes;

  • Lightweight to maintain balance
  • Strong enough to hold your surfboard
  • Weather-resistant so it doesn’t rust in the rain or sea air
  • That it fits onto your specific scooter
  • Easy and quick to install
  • The rack fits your size board

Browse our top suggestions for motorcycle surfboard racks;

This video gives a visual representation of what is needed and how to put it together.

Scooter Surfboard Rack: What Do You Need?

Making your own set of DIY surfboard racks can be a lot more affordable. If you have a handy-man flair, then it can also be a fun challenge. To begin, you’ll need to prep yourself with the following equipment.

To make it even easier for you, we’ve hyperlinked each of the hardware items needed so that you can get them all at once!

  • Two metal bars with pre-drilled holes with the width in the size needed for your board
  • A pack of 5 mm bolts – long enough to get through the plating of the scooter
  • Very tight lock nuts – remember that your scooter may rattle so they need to be jiggle-resistant
  • Padded double-side tape – to stick to the side of the bike and prevent the surfboard from scratching the paint
  • Copper-piping insulation to put around the metal bars and protect the surfboard on the road
  • Hammer and screwdriver if you’re brave enough to punch a hole into the side of your bike (we went this route)
  • Handheld drill that can make a hole the size of your bolts

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How To Make A Surfboard Rack

Now comes the fun bit, putting everything together to make your DIY surfboard racks. The following steps may need to be adjusted depending on the make of scooter that you own. For example, a Vespa surfboard rack may need slight adjustments to our budget moped surfboard rack.

Here are the broad strokes, all of which need to be governed by a little bit of common sense.

  1. Check your bike for electrical wire placements and mark where the bars will go, ensuring that you won’t be drilling holes into the fuselage or electricals
  2. Drill or punch the holes for the metal bars to be attached – don’t forget to test that your surfboard fits these placements
  3. Insert the metal bars into the copper-piping insulation and cut the padding to fit
  4. Screw the bolts into the holes that you’ve drilled (or punched) into the scooter – make sure that the metal bars sit flush with the scooter
  5. Screw the nuts on the other side of the bolts – and make sure that they are tight! You may need to get someone with a skinny arm to reach onto the underside of the scooter

Before taking your board for a spin, make sure that you tie your board down with elasticated rope.

All that’s left to worry about now is surf localism. Good luck with the project! And happy shredding!

We’d like to take this opportunity to give a shout-out to MAAK Boards for their epic surfboard design!

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