Preparing to Work and Travel | How to Become a Digital Nomad

by Candice Land
Marrakech medina market

Many industries in the world are moving towards a trend of working remotely. This means that employees (and freelancers) work out of the office, whether at home or in another country.

The term ‘ digital nomads’ has been dubbed for those adventurous souls lucky enough to make a living via telecommunications and technology, massively boosting their ability to work in foreign locations. So how does one become a digital nomad?

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This is a huge question, and not one to take lightly. There are generally two different ways to becoming a digital nomad:

  1. Quit your existing job.
  2. Convince your boss that you can be as productive from a different location.

As we both love our jobs and prefer to travel with the financial security of a guaranteed income, we started on the convincing front – and it worked. Both of our bosses agreed to give us the opportunity for a trial period. We chose to use the month of testing digital nomadic lifestyle in Portugal as the time zone is similar to South Africa. 

This vlog shares some key insights into the build-up to exploring the trial. Here we share some of these insights before taking off on the adventure of a lifetime.

Key insights

  • A trial period for being a digital nomad is a great idea – especially if you want to keep your existing job. The lure of traveling and exploring can be powerful, but you may find that the nomadic lifestyle is not for you, or that it doesn’t work out for whatever reason.
  • Working abroad is an incredible way to explore new cultures, try new food and meet new people. This is one of the major benefits of working remotely.
  • If you are keeping your current job, be very mindful and respectful that when you speak to your boss. They will have their business in mind as priority number one (understandably). It is important to give them the security that there will be no failure in communication, influence on productivity or decrease in the quality of work produced.
  • There are many co-working spaces across the world that provide everything that you need for the smooth transition into working abroad such as wifi, community, productive space and brilliant minds. Take advantage of these spaces!

In order to be well rested and ready to tackle a new country, we will be making a few stops along the way. We will be visiting Dubai and Morocco before settling down in Lisbon.

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