Exploring Morocco: Best Places To Visit As A First-Time Visitor

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Morocco is the ideal summation of everything a tourist looks for in a vacation. The food is delicious, the culture is sublime, and above all, the hospitality of the beautiful people is unprecedented. Carefully curated by nature in between two great oceans, it goes without saying that Morocco has always been a sight to behold.

Morocco has developed from being just a mere collection of nature’s finest deserts and land features to striking a balance that suits both young and old tourists. Trying to box up the different magnificent qualities that Morocco possesses is not an easy task as they are numerous to mention. A notable addition is the breathtaking destinations that are responsible for the constant annual influx of tourists into Morocco all over the world.

Morocco’s highlights extend far beyond the bustling city of Marrakesh. From the man-made architectural city of Fez to the nature’s delight of Dades Valley, tourists cannot seem to get enough of this North African nation. The preservation of these historical locations is impeccable and will ensure that your experience is optimized.

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To save you time and stress, we have scoured online for the best and most worthwhile places in Morocco that will add value to your adventure. These are our top five picks!



Your Morocco tours would not be complete without visiting the beautiful city of Fez. The great city has always been significant and widely regarded as the most prominent medieval Islamic city in the world. The city still maintains its historical heritage as there are many restrictions, including moving around in a vehicle. You can get around the city strictly on foot or ride on the back of a donkey. To enjoy the whole experience, it will be ideal that you move through the city on top of a donkey. You could hire someone to assist you if you have trouble riding the donkey.

The world’s oldest university, Qarawiyyin, is situated in Fez. There is also the thrill of the commerce centers as you get to experience the nostalgic feeling that you have read only in old books. The experience does not end there as there are also the Bou Inania Madersa—an early-age religious college, the Borj Nord, and Borj Sud—two amazing hilltop places to get a full view of the city.


If the aim of visiting Morocco is for exploration, you are in for a treat in Marrakech! The commercial city of Marrakech provides the entire tourist attraction package, from the snake charmers to the merchandise sellers, all competing for your attention. The quality of the footwear made at Babouche Souk cannot be rivaled by anyone in the world, or is it the beautiful perfumes and spices at El-Attarine Souk, Marrakech, offers the best experience?

After a day of taking in the adventures of the city, you may crave a serene atmosphere. Do not stress, as Marrakech also has you covered through the Manara Gardens. The city is the perfect package as there is also the Toubkal National Park, just for your recreational pleasure. 

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Essaouira makes up for its small size by giving the ideal serenity experience to tourists from all over the world. It is the perfect place to go to after a busy day visiting other historical sites. The location is lovely as it is nested on low-lying cliffs dipping into the Atlantic Coast. This accounts for its beautiful view and lets you experience nature at its finest. 

There is always an annual Gnaoua World Music Festival in Essaouira held in remembrance of the slave trade in Africa. The festival is not one you would want to miss, as melodies will be conceived expertly with the use of different musical instruments. 

Dades Valley

Nature’s delight, Dades Valley is a must-visit place for all first-time visitors in Morocco. The journey through the valley is beautiful as you get more connected to nature at its finest. Exiting Boumaln du Dades, the mountain forms a closure at the two ends before opening again. The predominant colors you will experience throughout the journey are red, white, and green.

When you get to Ait Oudinaf, the valley transforms into a gorge, and the mountains and rocks lose their red color. You can also visit Msemrir, a historical commune in Ouarzazate Province.

dades valley

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Last but certainly not least, Asilah. It is situated on a cliff towering over the ocean. It differs from other locations because it is a modern place to visit. The eye-catching beaches, the perfectly curated streets, the breathtaking courtyards, and many more places are found in Asilah.

Get Packed For Morocco

To experience the adventures of Morocco, you do not necessarily need to break the bank. It is up to you to customize your experience. It will be more fulfilling if you pay no heed to what is in popular demand and set out on your own adventure.

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