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Hossegor, France, boasts a glorious beach that spans three kilometers, offering unbeatable surf breaks along the way. It’s no wonder that the European coastal spot has become a coveted destination for surf trips.

Are you itching to pack your bags and visit Hossegor? Perhaps you’ve already booked your tickets and you’re researching a place to stay?

This guide offers all that you need to know in preparation for an unforgettable Hossegor surf trip.

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Overview of Hossegor Surfing

Planning a surf trip to Hossegor puts the riveting water sport at the heart of the experience. With this in mind, it’s important to know when to go, where to go, and what surf camps or rentals are available.

Hossegor Surf Season

Hossegor’s surf has a lot going for it, including consistency throughout the year. Regardless of when you visit the coastal town, you’ll find a break to enjoy.

However, as with all spots, there definitive seasons that are best suited for varying skill levels. In July and August, the peak of summer in France, the waves are playful and on the smaller end of the spectrum. The water is slightly warmer and if you’re a beginner, this season is best suited for you.

November to April offers the complete opposite conditions. Reserved for experienced surfers, the waves take on a gnarly nature. The tides are powerful, the waves are heavy and barrels are aplenty. The water is chilly and the conditions are fierce. But damn, it’s a surfing experience that you won’t forget.

May and June, as well as September to October, are arguably the best time of year to plan a surf trip to France. The waves strike a happy medium between mellow and aggressive, and the water is pleasant. These months also fall on the shoulder season of tourism meaning that Hossegor won’t be a ghost town, but it won’t’ be crowded either.

Best Hossegor Surf Breaks

Hossegor’s sandy coastline is divided into four very clear spots. Each break offers its own unique conditions.

  • La Gravière – a fast, hollow, and heavy tube
  • Les Culs Nus – a beach break that works on all tides
  • La Nord – which serves proudly as Hossegor’s big wave spot
  • La Sud – a sheltered spot that is beginner-friendly

As with all surfing trips, it’s best to check the conditions before rocking up with your waxed surfboard. Don’t forget to read the tide, pick the brain of a local, and make sure you’re prepared for the condition.

Hossegor Surf Schools and Camps

Hossegor is a paradise for experienced surfers but can be a lot more intimidating for beginners. With this in mind, it still offers incredible breaks and a fun opportunity to learn.

One of the best ways to dip your toes in the sport is with the guidance of a professional surfing instructor. A surf camp is an unbeatable way to learn the sport in an encouraging environment while indulging in French culture.

Book an 8-day surf and French camp in Capbreton, Landes

Hossegor Board Rentals

Traveling with a surfboard can be clunky and expensive. While it’s always fun having your own equipment, especially in challenging conditions, there’s no shortage of surfboard rentals in Hossegor.

Surf shops scattered throughout the town usually have a wide selection of board rentals to pick and choose from. Board rentals are also available from the beach and various surf schools.

While the usual foam board can be rented for beginners, it’s also easy to get your hands on a pro board from USD $13 for two hours, or USD $95 for a seven-day week. It’s also possible to rent short and long wetsuits for comfort in the water. Obviously, these prices will vary depending on the supplier.

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Flights and Getting to Hossegor

While Hossegor has unbeatable surfing conditions, it doesn’t have an airport. The closest airport to Hossegor is Biarritz Airport (approximately a 40-minute drive away). There is also the option to fly to Bordeaux and drive two hours as this may be more affordable.

Once you’ve arrived in France, you have several options to get from any main city to Hossegor. Let’s consider that you land in Biarritz. There is no direct bus to Hossegor, but there are other options.

  • Combination of bus and train, approximately 2,5 hours and USD $10 – $25
  • Rideshare, approximately 45 minutes and USD $5
  • Combination of buses, approximately 2,5 hours and USD $9 – $23
  • Taxi, approximately 30 minutes and USD $90 – $110
  • Drive yourself, approximately 30 minutes and USD $5 + car rental fee

In general, the cheapest time to fly to Biarritz is in October, and there is a selection of airlines that make the trip from around the world.

Book your flights to Biarritz Airport here.

Depending on your country of origin, you may be able to visit Hossegor without a French visa for up to three months, including United States citizens.

All information about the necessary visas, and who needs them, can be explored here.

Getting Around Hossegor

Like most charming surfing towns, Hossegor isn’t very big and it’s quite easy to get around on foot, by bike or car. Depending on where you stay, you may want to rent a bike or a car. Keep in mind that the surf spots are scattered, and there are beautiful breaks beyond the town. So, you may want to rent a car from the airport.

This will give you flexibility and convenience to chase the best waves at your own pace.

Book a car rental in Biarritz here.

Surf Resorts in Hossegor

The place that you choose to stay in Hossegor will have a big impact on your overall experience.

Areas Near the Surf Spots

As mentioned, Hossegor’s surf spots are all along a single stretch of coastline. Choosing to stay anywhere within close proximity to the beach is a winner.

With that being said, there are other spots surrounding Hossegor that should definitely be visited on your trip. These are a few of the most popular surfing areas;

  • Capbreton – with surf spots such as La Piste, Le Santcoha, and Le Prevent
  • Hossegor – with surf spots such as La Sud, La Nord, and La Gravière
  • Seignosse – with surf spots such as Les Culs Nuls, Les Estagnots, Le Penon, and Les Bourdaines


Hossegor Surf Resorts

As a surfing town, Hossegor is well-equipped with surf resorts and beach villas to stay. The following spots come highly recommended when looking for a place to kick it with like-minded folks out of the water.

The Secret Spot Lodge is large enough to give you your own space while opening up for a social atmosphere if that’s what you prefer. The hosts are experienced surfers and offer private and group surfing lessons, as well as a secret spot surf guide experience.

The Roofless Surf Lodge is located in a beautiful, relaxing forest area. As a tranquil and secluded spot, the warm and inviting lodge is fully established and offers a comfortable stay. If there’s anything else that you need, the friendly staff are always willing to go the extra mile.

Hotel 202 is slightly more expensive but offers all the luxuries that you’d expect. The beach is easily accessible and as a hotel, the spot offers all the convenience that you’d expect from such an establishment. From plenty of amenities promoting relaxation to a buffet breakfast, room service, and a bar on-site.

Jo&Joe Hossegor was built with the surfing community in mind. The place offers a stylish interior that will undoubtedly tickle the fancy of a hot-blooded surfer. Convenience is at the heart of this spot, with a bar and restaurant available on the premises, and the beach right on the doorstep.

Board ‘n Breakfast is a funky spot that serves as the ultimate home away from home. The beach is easily accessible, inviting surfers to take advantage of the dawn swell. If you’re looking for an extra-special surfing experience, then the host is happy to tailor an experience.

Read more about the best places to work and surf in Hossegor here.

Coworking in Hossegor

While Hossegor is best known as a surfing town, it is also an up-and-coming digital nomad hotspot. If you expect that your surf trip to Hossegor will involve a few hours on the laptop or afternoon Zoom meetings, then you’ll be pleased to know that there is the infrastructure to help.

We rate Hossegor for the following reasons;

  • Excellent surf
  • Visa allows for a decent length of stay
  • Great culture to explore
  • Decent wifi and places to work

Take note that Hossegor isn’t bustling with crazy activities, but there is a decent nightlife and surfing community. In addition, the area is on the more expensive side, so take care of the budget when planning your digital nomad stint.

sunset in hossegorWhat to Pack for a Surf Trip to Hossegor, France

As great as it would be to hop on a flight with no luggage concerns, there are a few essential items to add to your packing list.

Essential Surfing Items

When surfing big swell, it’s always best to be prepared.

The water in Hossegor averages around 20℃. Depending on where you’re coming from, this may be different from the water that you’re used to. Having a stick of wax that’s the right temperature can help you get in the water as soon as you arrive, instead of shopping around first.

Big waves mean that you want to have the perfect setup. It’s always useful to have an extra set of fins for hybrid boards so that you can get the most joy out of the ride. And, of course, a fin key to complete the change.

Even the smallest ding can ruin a good session. Surfboard repair kits are small and compact, giving you the confidence of a patch job in the unfortunate instance that you may need it.

Depending on when you go to Hossegor, you may have to pay special attention to the sun. When the waves are good, it’s easy to spend hours in the water without a thought for your skin. Sunblock can be your saving grace.

Trust me, having a spare leash while on a surf trip can save you money and frustration. Especially in breaks that serve a big, powerful swell.

  • Wetsuit

The water in Hossegor is borderline uncomfortable for extended periods of time. While there are plenty of places to rent a suit, we like to pack our own for comfort and hygiene.

Want to buy a gift for the surfer in your life? Browse our gift ideas for surfers here.

General Items to Pack

Once you’ve got the most important stuff out of the way, you can focus on other bits and bobs that will make your trip more enjoyable.

For example,

  • Documentation
  • Boardshorts or costume
  • Sunglasses
  • Enough clothing
  • Swimming towel
  • Sun hat
  • Digital nomad gear if you plan on working

Howzit Hossegor!

A surf trip to Hossegor is never a bad idea. As one of the most consistent surf spots in the world, you’re bound to find a break that makes your day (week, month, or even your year).

Once you’ve ticked off the southwestern region of France, you can expand your horizons and begin planning your next surf trip. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

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