Best Place to Surf in September: 9 Great Spots for Surfers

by Candice Land
best spots to surf in september

If you’re planning a surfing trip in September, then you have a wide choice of serene destinations to choose from. September typically falls in the shoulder season of tourism which means that it hits the sweet spot for reduced costs and fewer crowds, without compromising on the surfing opportunities. Here are our top spots to surf in September.

Some of the best surf trips in the world are enjoyed in September, from the warm tropical waters in Nicaragua, a remote experience in Fiji, or a cultural emersion in Hossegor. It’s a beautiful thing to say that the world is your oyster, and know that it is true.

If you’re looking for countries with the ideal surfing conditions in surrounding months, then you can read more here:

Without further ado, here are some of the most consistent surf spots in September.

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1.   Taghazout, Morocco

surf in taghazout in morocco in september

We planned a two-week trip to Morocco with the intention of surfing it up in the second week. We managed to enjoy one day of the consistent, right-hand break before falling very ill with a delicate combination of food poisoning and sunstroke.

Learn from our mistake and read about how to prevent this hiccup in your itinerary.

As a coastal village, surfing in Taghazout offers a glorious reprieve from the scorching Morrocon sun. The best swell starts to arrive in mid-September and continues until April. There’s an array of point breaks, beach breaks, and reef breaks to choose from, ranging in difficulty level.

Some of the most popular spots for experienced surfers include Anchor Point, Killer Point, and Boilers. All are right-hand point breaks. Intermediate surfers will prefer Hash Point, K11, and La Source which break both left and right. There are also waves for beginners at spots like Banana Point, which is also a right-hand break.

Make the most of your time in Taghazout and book a 6-day surf and yoga holiday.

There are plenty of spots to stay in Taghazout, with affordable public transport running the route to nearby Agadir. We highly recommend staying at a surf camp or traditional riad for the full experience.

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2.   Lagundri Bay, Indonesia

surf in lagundri bay in indonesia in september

Lagundri Bay’s most popular surf break is widely known as Nias. The wave is highly revered around the world, boasting a flawless barrel. All that you need to do is paddle out through a painfully simple key-hole and wait your turn in the lineup.

The spot is on a reef bottom, but it is fairly well-covered so there’s a low risk of any painful scrapes. As with most consistent waves, it can get quite crowded. At times, there can even be a bit of localism.

There are spots for all levels to enjoy. Lagundri Beach and Kiddies Corner both serve up fun, smaller surf more suitable for beginners. For a bit more of a challenge, there’s Rockstar and the Point, while Afulu and Indicators are reserved for experienced shredders.

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It’s difficult to only pick one spot that is top-notch for surfing in Indonesia, so don’t forget that the other islands also have some of the best swells in September.

For example, you can read more about Bali surf camps here, and all the sun-soaked memories that you can expect.

3.   Teahupoo, Tahiti

surf in tahiit in french polynesia in september

Advanced surfers are in for a real treat if they find themselves in Teahupoo, Tahiti during September. The swell can be hair-raising at times as the power from August bleeds into September. Be warned that the hollow shape of Teahupoo’s wave can be life-threatening if you don’t know what you’re doing. It goes without saying that I have not ever surfed this wave.

There are other spots on the island that offer more gentle swell for less-experienced surfers, such as Papara. September brings Tahiti their winter swell which comes from big southerly storms that stem in Antarctica and New Zealand.

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4.   Cape Town, South Africa

surf in cape town in south africa in september

The last of the epic winter swell hits Cape Town in September. The air may be cool, but the waves offer heat. Most of the beginner spots, like Muizenberg, get bigger swell which makes for a fun playground for more experienced surfers too.

Book an unforgettable 6-day yoga and surf trip in Cape Town, for all levels.

Wearing a wetsuit is essential if you want to stay in the water for longer than 15 minutes, but there are plenty of spots to rent or buy if you don’t want to travel with one. For more experienced surfers, you can venture up the coastline and dip your booties in Noordhoek, Kommetjie, and even Scarborough.

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5.   Hossegor, France

surf in hossegor in france in september

Hossegor offers some of the most consistent surf in the world, promising joyful rides throughout the year. We’ve mentioned Hossegor as a destination for swell in other months of the year, however, during September you’ll have some of the best waves to yourself.

As the low season, Hossegor has empty car parks and fewer crowds in September. The temperatures have already started to drop, but you can get away with boardshorts if you’re thick-skinned. The waves start to pick up in size after the smaller, summer swell and offer more epic rides for intermediate to advanced surfers.

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Hossegor is also quite a vibe during September as it hosts WSL Quik Pro France. So, keep an eye out in the water, you may find yourself surfing alongside the likes of Italo Ferreira!

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6.   Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

surf in rio de janeiro in brazil in september

Rio de Janeiro is one of our favorite cities, boasting long stretches of iconic beaches within a short driving distance from the tropical, urban jungle. Ollie took a week off while working remotely in Rio just to surf – three times a day.

Read our Rio de Janeiro surf guide here.

Most of the surf spots that are accessible from the city are suitable for beginners to intermediate surfers, with a beach break on a sand bottom. In September, the swell hikes up to offer a larger wave. This means that the waters can be a bit crowded at times.

There are also plenty of surf schools on the beach that offers complete novice surfers the chance to paddle out and catch a wave. Whether you’re a pro or a kook, the caipirinhas are a delightful reward after your session!

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7.   Chicama, Peru

surf in chicama in peru in september

North Peru is home to Chicama, an arid area with surprisingly cold water, and unforgettable surfing opportunities. Legend has it that the break offers one of the longest waves in the world, with the total distance between the furthest take-off to the fishing jetty spanning approximately 2.5 miles (4 kilometers).

One of the perks of Chicama, also known as Playa Marabrigo, is its impressive consistency, with September falling in the middle of the best season. The main break is El Point, which is where the majority of surfers choose to start their session.

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8.   San Juan El Sur, Nicaragua

surf in san juan el sur in nicaragua in september

San Juan El Sur is a popular surf spot in Nicaragua, serving as a swell magnet for beginners and advanced surfers alike. The town pivots around surfing, with accommodation options, activities, and a general mood that mimics the thrill of catching waves.

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Playa Maderas is one of the most popular spots which is great for intermediate surfers. There’s a variety of left and right beach break swell, with plenty of waves to go around. During September, there is a consistent swell that typically reaches head-height.

The second half of September is the start of the rainy season, which changes the wind direction to onshore. To avoid the heavy rains and enjoy great well, it’s best to go in the first half of the month.

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9.   Namotu Island, Fiji

The archipelago country of Fiji is made up of approximately 300 islands, and 540 islets, many of which offer incredible surfing opportunities. Namotu Island, in particular, is a hot spot and popular choice.

As September arrives, the huge waves that dominate the months of May to August start to subside slightly. This makes it a great time for surfers of all levels to hit the water.

The crowds in the water are manageable and the climate is tropical and temperate. This makes September a great time to visit Fiji and enjoy the island outside of the surf.

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See You In the Water!

Each spot will vary slightly depending on the day and the climate, so make sure that you do your research on the spot first. Be honest with yourself and don’t paddle out unless you’re confident that you can manage the swell, especially if you’re new to the area.

Of course, there are several other surf spots around the world that are not only impressive but legendary and worth planning a trip around during September. If you have any to add, we’d love to hear! Drop us a DM and we’ll add them to our list.


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