Tips to Become a Nomad Entrepreneur: Digital Nomad Business Guide

by Candice Boyers
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There are several different ways of setting up your lifestyle to work remotely. While some people manage to persuade their employers to let them work remotely, others use the opportunity to set themselves up as freelancers or as a nomad entrepreneur. 

Working on a global platform pushes comfort zones and brings out the best in aspiring entrepreneurs and freelancers. In the process of professional growth, it’s easy to forget the basics, such as setting up a business to become a nomad entrepreneur. 

The following digital nomad business guide should get you started by pointing you in the right direction. 

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Digital Nomad Definition – Freelance, Remote & Entrepreneur

As an increasing number of people are adopting the remote work lifestyle, it’s become apparent that there are different methods of making the dream work. All have the same fundamental ingredients of hard work, discipline, and confidence, but differ slightly in their approach. 

While each work situation is unique, let’s assess the main groups of people working remotely.

  • Remote worker – an individual that works as a permanent employee of a company and enjoys geographic independence. Remote workers may or may not be limited to specific time zones, but they have the certainty of a guaranteed income and set deliverables.
  • Freelancer – many digital nomads work as freelancers and independent contractors. Freelancers can work for specific projects or with retainers for several clients around the world. Freelancers typically have more autonomy than remote workers as they can pick and choose the clients to work with.
  • Entrepreneur – an entrepreneur is slightly more formal, having established an operating business and taking a risk by investing financially. Normally, an entrepreneur will register a business and follow legal requirements.

Read more about the various approaches to freeing yourself up as a digital nomad here.

Setting Up a Business as a Digital Nomad

Depending on the nature of your work, setting up a business and working as a nomad entrepreneur could be your best option. When working on an international scale and moving around, the process demands a little bit more effort. 

Here are a few considerations (and tips) to get you started. 

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Where to Establish your Business

If you spend a significant amount of time in a specific country, then you may find it easier to establish an organisation in your home country. Doing so offers the benefits of familiarity, ease of communication, and a better understanding of the landscape. 

With this in mind, there are a few other options that are suited for nomad entrepreneurs. 

  • Estonia – the option that we will elaborate on
  • Singapore – physical presence is demanded to opening a business in Singapore
  • United States – has certain restrictions and limited options
  • Malta – demands an annual visit for the minimum time of one week
  • Your resident country

Estonia as an Example

Estonia, in particular, offers several benefits, including an easy process. It’s a great option if you work as a freelancer or the sole owner of a company. Here are a few considerations when opening a company in Estonia.

  • It’s possible to hire a company for approximately USD $50 to manage everything – including invoicing and admin. An example of such a company is Xolo.
  • The initial cost to open a company is approximately USD $355.
  • Opening an international bank is highly recommended for the ease of transactions. For example, Transferwise.
  • An Estonia EU resident card is required for the process. It costs approximately USD $120 and gives individuals paperwork permission that all locals can enjoy. After ordering the resident card, it typically arrives within four to six weeks. 
  • Once the resident card arrives, it needs to be validated at an Estonian embassy and will be active within 24 hours. This is the only time that the business owner needs to be anywhere in person.
  • Once validated, the resident card can be used to register a business. Everything else is done online.

As an Estonian company, the business will pay tax when paying dividends. If drawing a salary as a non-resident, then tax is paid to the country where you are a tax citizen. 

Banks for Nomad Entrepreneurs

As a digital nomad, you’ll most likely find yourself visiting different countries around the world, paying for items in various currencies. 

It’s important to open a bank account that offers the lowest bank fees and transfer costs. At first, a resident bank is useful to store funds and receive payments. As needs develop, costs can increase. As a solution, there are various banks that are known (and loved) for making easy and affordable international transactions. 

Some of the best-known banks include;

  • N26 – available to residents of the European Union and offers no foreign transaction fees
  • Revolut – a top, international online bank with free international bank transfers
  • Charles Schwab Bank – an American banking solution with no foreign transfer fees
  • Monzo – a popular choice for UK citizens with competitive saving rates and free cash withdrawal
  • Payoneer – an American financial services provider allowing payment from international clients
  • Transferwise – although not technically a bank, it serves as a convenient borderless payment solution

Find out more about the best banks for intrepid nomads here.

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Digital Nomad Taxes

Paying tax is a lot more straightforward when living in a single country. When traveling, taxes become slightly more complicated. 

Paying digital nomad taxes can be complicated, with several factors influencing the method. A few considerations to consider include where you hold citizenship, how much you travel throughout the year, the amount that you earn, and where you hold permanent residency.

It’s important to consider each of these factors and make sure that you don’t skip taxes.

Read more on digital nomad taxes here.

Budgeting Your Travels

Living on the road demands a different budget. For example, spending three months in one location at any given point means that you’ll have to budget for a flight every quarter. There are other costs to consider such as visas, short-term accommodation rentals, etc. 

Prepare for the worst with nomad insurance. Read our guide to nomad insurance.

Depending on where you are based at any given point, the local currency may or may not work in your favor. It’s important to consider all unexpected costs and payment methods when working as a nomad entrepreneur. 

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember the value in expensing business costs. Depending on where you pay business tax, you can claim back on tax expenses and decrease your costs.  Another set of expenses to consider are digital nomad gear such as laptops, hard drive and portable monitors. 

Interested in reading more about digital nomad expenses? Read our blog here.

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Market Your Business

There are benefits of running a business within a specific community. Word of mouth spreads fast and it’s easy to monitor competitors when keeping a business localized.

Running a business as a nomad entrepreneur introduces unique demands, as well as extra benefits. Although you’re competing on a global scale, your networking opportunities and earning potential is also increased. 

Make sure that you prioritize the marketing of your business. Invest in a social media strategy, attend meet-ups and respond to customer concerns. 

Keep the Business Going

Working on the road demands discipline and the ability to adapt. There are several apps that can help streamline communication and productivity. It’s worth investigating these online apps to make sure that work gets done and that the business is successful.

There are other a few key considerations that can help keep your business going online.

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Share Your Success Story!

Beginning the journey as an entrepreneur requires confidence and a leap of faith. If you’ve already taken the first – then well done! It’s only a matter of time when sweet rewards pop up and make the hard work worth it. 

If you’re still investigating, then we hope that this blog helps guide you in one way or another. It’s important to celebrate the small wins, and we’re here to raise a glass in your honor. Drop us a message and share your success story!

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