The Best Surfboard Rack Options for Home, Car & Bike 2021

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Having the best surf spot on your doorstep is the dream, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, we need to hop into our car (or bike) and head down to the closest break with our surfboards in tow. Surfboard racks may seem a dime a dozen, but your surfboard rack of choice should tick a few boxes.

Whether you’re looking for a surfboard rack to store your board at home, or one for the top of your car, or even your bike – you’ve come to the right place. Here are our top choices for each purpose, and are a great starting point for your shopping.

Surfboard racks are a great gift for the surfer in your life – browse our blog for a few more ideas.

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Benefits of Surfboard Holders

If you’re one of the lucky ones who can fit your board in your car, then that’s great. However, there will be times when you want to travel with a squad or maybe take a longboard for a spin. Having a board inside your car can be a nuisance, and it can also get wax all over your seats.

Speaking of wax, do you know how to wax your surfboard properly? Read our blog here for guidance.

Surfboard racks are an investment and offer many benefits, including;

  • The convenience of being able to transport your surfboard on a whim with your car or bike
  • Extra space inside your car for comfort and passengers
  • Versatility for transporting a variety of different boards
  • Added safety as you don’t have a surfboard blocking your vision
  • Cleanliness without the risk of sand and wax in your car
  • Surfboard wall mounts allow for more space in the garage or home
  • Protect your board at home from being scuffed or falling over

Top Considerations When Buying Surf Racks

Not all surfboard racks are created equal. There are some that are better quality than others and last a lot longer. Considering that the surf racks are going to be protecting your best water buddy, they need to be top-notch.

When browsing surf racks, there are a few considerations to keep in front of mind;

  • Roof clearance for your car driving through the garage
  • Load capacity (depending on how many boards you want to store or move)
  • Compatibility with your vehicle or space at home
  • Durability, particularly against sand and salty water
  • Secure attachment or assembly
  • Accessories that the surf rack needs to fulfill its purpose

Best Surf Rack for Cars

“Always take the scenic route, you never know what adventures you will find.” – one of the best road trip quotes ever.

Every surfer loves a road trip, especially when the surfboards have a safe and secure seat in the car (on the roof).

Are you a beginner looking for the perfect board to pack in your car? Read our blog here.

Woowave Roof Racks: Soft Surfboard Rack For Car

Soft roof racks are great for the odd trip that needs a quick solution for your surfboard. They are easy to use, with a convenient and flexible strap to secure your board. This particular roof rack set is durable and made with high-quality materials.

Soft roof racks are perfect for flexibility and don’t demand a long-term commitment or installation. They are also on the affordable end of the spectrum meaning that you don’t have to break the bank just to take your surfboard (or any outdoor activity cargo) with you on holiday.

INNO Racks: Durable Surfboard Roof Rack

If you do a lot of traveling (with your surfboard) then you may want to invest in a more durable option. These locking surfboard roof racks by INNO racks are an entry-level option that offers all of the benefits of a more permanent structure, but without the hefty price tag.

The roof racks are easy to use, allowing you to lock and transport your boards on the roof of your car without any fuss. Built with a ratcheting tension system, you’re able to lock your board with ease.

Note that you will need to have existing crossbars mounted on your car before these bad boys can be put to use!

Best Surfboard Racks for Bikes

While a car is an effective way to move from one surf spot to another in cities like Cape Town, Bali movements are best made on a pair of two wheels.

Looking for a DIY project? Try out these DIY surfboard racks for your moped!

Onefeng Sports Surfing Rack: For Bicycle

The Onefeng sports surfboard bike rack is the perfect option for a vehicle that uses your legs for power. These bike racks are easy to install with a simple clamp that attaches to the seat post. It works like a charm for all sorts of bikes, including beach cruiser bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, and even BMX bikes.

Notably, transporting a longboard on a bicycle can be trickier than a shortboard, but it can still be done. This particular rack can fit boards up to 8’. The design includes adjustable foam-covered arms to protect your cargo and adapt to your board’s size.

Ho Stevie! Surfboard Rack: For Scooter

The same concept of bicycle roof surfboard racks is applied to the needs of a scooter or moped (our preferred mode of transport in Bali). Various racks will mount to different sections of the moped, with the Ho Stevie! rack mounting to the rear cargo.

The rack is easy to install, with adjustable carrier arms to fit boards up to 8’ in size. The arms are covered in foam to protect your board, but there is space to use a board bag or sock as well. To add extra security, there are bungee cords to tie the board down.

Best Surfboard Racks for Garage

Of course, surfboards need to be cared for in the home as well as during a commute. Popular options for storage include a surf rack for walls or a vertical standing rack. We have a recommendation for both.

Store Your Board: Surfboard Wall Hanger

If you’re an avid surfer or a family of riders, then there’s a chance that you have more than one board. Storing these boards in your home or garage doesn’t need to look clunky or take up space. This beautiful timber surfboard wall rack is the ultimate mount system for the home, holding up to three boards.

Useful for a range of surfboards, including shortboards and longboards, this wall mount is easy to install. The padded cork inlay protects your boards while the real wood hardware adds a stylish element to your home space.

Click here for more tips on how to store your surfboard.

Grassracks Surf Rack: Vertical Standing Rack

Not a fan of drilling into the wall? You can still protect your surfboards and give them a home out of the water with a standing surf rack. Grassracks sells a stunning, freestanding surfboard storage rack that is both strong and versatile.

Taking only a few minutes to install, the rack looks as good with bamboo grain and a rich golden finish. Holding up to 125 lbs (56 kg), you can also store other sports equipment if you wish. At the end of the day, you can be certain that your boards are secure, with the base preventing slippage, dings, and pressure spots.

Board Racks for All Needs

Are you ready for your next adventure? With these nifty and reliable surf racks, you don’t need to leave your surfboard behind. Whether you’re looking for surfboard racks for your home or something to install to the top of your car – you have options!

Now, all that’s left to do is make the purchase and plan your next surf trip. Wondering where to go? Catch up on all of the best surf destinations around the world, at any given month of the year.




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