A Nostalgic Review Of Gran Hotel Ciudad de México

by Candice Land
stained glass ceiling

Never have I ever had my mind blown the way that it exploded when I walked into the Gran Ciudad de México for the first time! Also known as the Grand Hotel Mexico City, or just the gran hotel Mexico, this place is honestly incredible. 

If you recognize the magnificent stained-glass ceiling and timeless elevator, then you’ve most likely watched James Bond Spectre which had scenes filmed in the esteemed hotel. I know what you probably thinking – I’m a brat for staying there. 

palacio nacionalThe two short nights that I spent in the Hotel de Mexico were unforgettable. If you ever find yourself in the bustling streets of Mexico City, you have to make a plan to visit the hotel. The great news is that you don’t need to even book a room to venture inside their enchanting doors! The restaurante Terraza on the rooftop terrace is open to the public. 

Here’s our story of how we wangled two nights in paradise, and why you should do the same. 

Romantic Surprise

Our trip to Mexico was the first international trip that we embarked on as a couple. We combined our Mexican adventure with a few days in Cuba and were nearing the end of our whirlwind experience. 

Ollie, as the true romantic that he is, mentioned he had the final two nights in Mexico City “under control”. Up until this point, we had been bunking in budget Airbnbs. The last thing that I expected was the magnificence that awaited us. 

The Uber pulled up outside the notorious Zocalo Square in the heart of Mexico City and we jumped out of the cab. Grabbing our bags, we walked right up to the doors of the monumental building, escorted by the sweet, sultry sound of a busking saxophonist. 

To be honest, I thought Ollie was just bursting for the loo but his confidence when chatting to the fancily-clad doorman made me raise my eyebrows in suspicion. 

I tiptoed up the marble steps, scolding myself for not wearing a bra, allowing the truth to sink in. Surprise! We had two nights in the most exquisite hotel in Mexico City!

Design Of Grand Hotel Mexico

More than two years later and I still can’t shake the grandeur of the hotel out of my mind. I must have spent a solid two minutes in the foyer, just staring at the plush velvet couches, the marbled interior and the elegant design of the building. 

As my eyes scanned up the carpeted stairs, my eyes locked with the ceiling and it took all of Ollie’s will power to drag me away to the reception desk. The entire ceiling glowed with a fantastic display of color – made completely from stained glass! 

The hotel was not only luxurious, but it was full of character. While sipping on a glass of bubbly at reception, I allowed myself to further explore my surroundings.

The gentle notes of a pianist emanated graceful elegance throughout the foyer. The music was perfectly in time with the chirping birds which were housed in a golden cage at the entrance. The only time that the birds stopped singing was when they were bunching on their croissants. I kid you not, these birds were fed croissants!

Just when I thought things couldn’t get better, we hopped into the notorious elevator and were escorted into our room.

Luxurious Rooms In Gran Hotel Mexico City 

I went from tripping over my bags in rooms the size of a pantry to enjoying the expansive space of our suite in the hotel. The room was adorned with dark wooden desks, a giant bed with crisp linen, huge windows overlooking Zocalo square and more cupboard space than I could possibly dream of. 

For the first time in a long time, we had a bathroom with room for activities and television that filled the whole wall. We had a welcome letter and decadent treat waiting for us upon arrival.

room service in gran hotelThe fluffy white robe was beyond tempting and so as soon as the concierge left, I rolled my body into its warmth and watched the military lower the massive Mexican flag in the square outside the window. 

Needless to say, we found it hard to leave the room. We dedicated the first night to affordable room service (that was delivered in the traditional silver, domed tray) and a badly dubbed Avengers film. I was as happy as a pig in mud!

La Terraza Restaurante

While the room and interior of the hotel are magical, nothing can quite compare to the spectacular view from the La Terraza Restaurant.

The restaurant and bar are on the top floor of the hotel and offer an unforgettable experience. This terrace is open to hotel guests and hungry travelers alike and offer an unreal view over Zocalo square. Sitting on the balcony, we absorbed the scene in front of us. We watched the sun set over Palacio Nacional and the Metropolitan Cathedral, sipping on a cold beer.

la terraza restauranteWhile the drinks were quite pricey, the service was impeccable and tasty nibbles were served on the house. Even my pretty white dress got involved in the salsa action, as you can see by the presence of a bib in the above pic. 

Closing Thoughts El Gran Hotel Mexico

Mexico City is without a doubt one of my favorite cities in the world, with Rio de Janeiro coming in at a close second. Our stay at Gran Hotel Ciudad de México was a massive highlight. 

I’m certain of two truths after our amazing experience staying in the heart of Mexico City’s historic center. Firstly, Ollie is a keeper. And secondly, we’ll definitely be back to visit this vibrant, amazing city. 

If you also want to get swept away in a magical space, you can reserve your spot at the hotel here.

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With exceptional service, outstanding comfort and prime location, I’d recommend a stay in Gran Hotel Ciudad de México in a heartbeat. 

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